Terms & Conditions

1.       Shipping


a.       All orders are processed promptly after payment is received. Products are usually shipped the same day the order is placed and payment is made by the customer. Shipping charge varies depending on the delivery location and are the responsibility of the buyer.  SY2 International will be gladly helping the buyers find the most efficient way to ship the merchandise, or the buyers will be responsible to provide their own courier.  Oversized products may incur additional shipping charges. Expedite shipping is available upon request.


2.       Return / Exchange


a.       General Rule: SY2 International (SY2) only accepts returns or exchange due to factory or shipping defects. All returns or exchange request must be submitted within 7 days of receipt of the damaged shipment. No return or exchange will be made if we determine that the defect is due to rough handling by the buyer. Please inspect the products when you receive the shipment and notify us of the defect as soon as possible. Defective products must be returned to SY2 in original packaging, including all package contents, and purchased condition without any visible damage at the buyer’s costs. All defective products would be inspected when returned from the buyer. SY2 reserves the right to determine whether or not the product is defective. If, after the inspection, SY2 determines that the malfunction is due to factory or shipping defect, the buyer would be eligible for an exchange or refund.  On shipping damages, SY2 will then assist the customer filing a claim against the courier, it usually takes up to eight weeks for the courier to have a final decision on the claim.  Please allow 10 business days for processing on a factory defect and up to eight weeks on shipping damage claim. If the product is out of stock or discontinued at the time of the exchange, the buyer would be issued a credit towards future purchases. 


i.      Factory Defect


Due to the nature of the products, the buyer has to assume a 15% maximum defective rate on the products. Therefore, if the number of defective product is under 15% of the total amount of products sold during the transaction, no return or exchange would be authorized.  Buyers are responsible for the shipping of return and exchange or a re-stocking fee of 15% will be charged, whichever is greater.


ii.      Shipping Defect


If the product is damaged by the courier (For example, the packaging appears damaged from the outside), please note on the delivery slip that the product appear to be damaged and contact us immediately. Please also produce proof of the damage by taking a picture of the shipment as soon as you have received the package. Failure to comply with this procedure may prevent you from obtaining your return/exchange.


3.       Liability
      a.       SY2 International requires retail customers to have their own retail liability insurance.  Retail customers agrees to obtain and keep in force a commercial  liability insurance, including but Not limited to bodily injury and personal injury, when they purchase from SY2.        
      b.       Customer/Buyer without a valid commercial liability insurance agrees to hold SY2 International (SY2), its officers, and employees harmless from all/any liability, when a purchase is made with SY2 International (SY2)

4.  Payment
      a.       Buyers warrent they are authorized card holders of all credit cards they provide SY2 International (SY2) as payment.  Buyers agreed they authorized SY2 to charge any credit card they provided SY2 as payment for any purchase made with SY2.